Irland 07/08 und danach


Oh my god. It’s going to be very windy tomorrow. Probably there is no chance for me to do sports. It is raining at the moment and I am actually quite interested in what the storm will destroy tomorrow. Hopefully nobody will be hurt. Had a good day today, visited some friends and started writing my reports for my scholarship. I need to submit them until the end of next week, otherwise I won’t get the rest of the money and maybe have to pay back what I got already. So it won’t be boring even if I can’t leave the house because of the storm. I can actually hear the wind starting outside. Maybe I should make sure that all windows are closed. I will go to bed right now. It has been a long day which started with a call from the family that is living with me in the house who wanted to tell me that I don’t need to start searching my key. She found it outside in the front door. Obviously I left it there when I had to carry my bike into the cellar…

29.2.08 23:49


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