Irland 07/08 und danach


They were right. There was storm. Tonight I woke up from the rain drumming on the windows lightning and thundering kept me awake. But there was nothing worse happening in my region. It was a hard day for German fire brigades there were trees on streets and railways and houses which lost their roofs. And even the German soccer league offered some situations that would not have been without the wind. Some matches had been called off anyway.

I tried to find out something about the UCC-Hurlers but it seems to be impossible to find news about hurling for me. I don’t know if this is because of my German pc or if there is just nothing in the web. I used the day for learning, didn’t leave the house to make sure not to be blown away and had lunch with Jenny.

1.3.08 18:48


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thoucc (2.3.08 01:00)
Hopefully, the storm will pass soon. Yesterday, I stayed in Diyana's house to learn and prepare our assignment. Today, I went shopping and had lunch at one of my classmates' flat near the city centre. We ate Indian food. It nearly burned my tongue but is still very nice. I went back home at 7 and now stiill waitting for skype call from my guys. Is your friend living with you now? Or Are you still alone.Hey, did Sam tell you any thing abour her plan next month?
Oh, I have to go to bed now. Cu

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