Irland 07/08 und danach


There is still a lot of wind, but it is not so bad anymore and I had the heart to go outside today.

No, I am not living with Jenny, yet. We want to wait until April when the exams are over. Then she will move in. But she was here yesterday, because she doesn’t feel comfortable in our old flat and so she spend the afternoon, evening and night (after morning-work, before evening-work, after evening-work before morning-work) at my house. I went to my grandparents for lunch. They were actually quite glad to see me after half a year. So Tho, you see, this is always the moment when I am eating meat. What about you. Did you ever eat salad again? And what do you mean what Sam should have told me? She is going to visit Europe, isn’t she? But she is not coming to Germany. I will keep on waiting...  It is actually not that long ago, that I left you, but it seems like ages. Did I tell you, that my parents loved your photo story from my departure?

In the evening a friend came for watching "Tatort". Tatort means site of crime(?) and this is the title of crime-shows with different commissars which are in the TV on Sunday evenings. A lot of Germans love watching these films and I got used to do it because of a friend who loved it too. So it became a habit to watch "Tatort" on Sunday evenings together with friends and that is the reason for me to watch it. Today there was just one friend here, one of the other few girls studying electrical engineering, but we had a lot of fun although we were only two people. Is this the wrong way to say it? Somebody told me, that in English you say there were only two people, right? Well in German you say "we" and that makes a lot more sense.

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