Irland 07/08 und danach


Guess what I had for lunch yesterday and for dinner today, Tho! Suddenly I missed your fried rice soo much that I tried to cook it myself… until now I didn’t trust to do that, because I was afraid of having to realize that it would be bad and I have to wait until I meet you the next time. But yesterday I tried and it was actually not too bad! It reminded me on our meals and finally I couldn’t stop eating, like it always was and I finished the whole pan on my own. Today I cooked it again for Jenny and me and we had salad with it. It was our traditional meal, as you used to say. Your rice and my salad.

4.3.08 23:50


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THO (27.3.08 19:58)
Hi, im so bz that could not send you far as i know, Julie and Sam will be your place around may. Did they told you that? Hey, yesterday, i found 2 pieces of ur chocolate in my part of the cupboard, cool, isnt it? how r you? You know, i rarely cooked fried rice after you left, just 2 o r 3 times when diyana came. It seems not very nice to have it loonely. I will be back to VN by the end of may. Good luck!

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