Irland 07/08 und danach


Hey, how is it going? I didn’t write anything for a long time, because I was busy with my exams. Oh it’s nearly one month now. Exams are over now and I am glad about it. I have two weeks now until I start with my Diplomarbeit1 which could be compared with a bachelor thesis. I thought about going for holidays somewhere ore going home some days, but I have pain in the back, so I will probably stay in Kassel. Hoping my back stops aching. That’s actually all I am doing at the moment. Putting hot potatoes and a cherry pit pillow on my back and lying on the couch or walking. Sitting hurts after some minutes… The weather was grand at the weekend, when I had to learn and it was up to 20 degrees or more. Since yesterday night it is raining and going to be cold again…. :-/

My friend Jenny moved in on Friday. Her brother and her sister painted her room yesterday. I don’t need to live alone any longer. I am glad about that! It is less work if I don’t need to invite people all the time just to make sure not to be alone. Well… I won’t stop inviting friends anyway… I can’t change it… I love to have as much of my friends around me as possible… Hard enough that all the Irish friends are so far away

Yesterday it was Jenny’s birthday. So went for dinner with two friends. It was actually a steakhouse we went to, but we use to go there since they offer salad as well. They have a salad-buffet and for € 6.40 you can eat as much salad as you want. The salad was great as usually, it was only my back that made it exhausting…

Nothing else new in Germany... hope everything fine in Ireland... Oh the first sentence that was mentioned in the news today, was about the Irish premier... but I didn't get if he will stay or not... I think it was not sure yet.

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