Irland 07/08 und danach


My back improves every day. That’s cool and I hope next week I can sit the whole day without having pain. It is 1.30 and I just came back from a college-party. The last time I’ve been to a college-party must be about one year ago… it was actually empty. The parties on our University are very interesting. They are always in our department, the electrical engineering and informatics dept. When you are there during the day you will mainly meet boys and we (the girls) are about 5% of all people. But if you go to the same building in the evening on a party you will find a lot of girls and less men than women… The problem probably is, that the girls think there should be a lot of boys, but there are no ads in our part of the college. So I think most of our students don’t know about the parties.

I went there cause I thought it might be a good possibility to meet some people and to talk a bit, but as I mentioned it was quite empty and so there weren’t many people for talking. When my back started aching I left the party and that was the time when it started to fill up. It was half past 12. The time when the Irish start going home cause the pubs close. Haha, I did the Irish way today. In fact it was the first party I went to since I came back to Germany. Exams and back made me stay at home and even today… well there will be more parties. Don’t worry Ann-Katrin.

That’s the news. I will go to bed now and I hope I will write my report about my internship tomorrow. Good night.

11.4.08 01:47


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