Irland 07/08 und danach


Ha! I am so good in waiting exactly a month until writing the next time. Accidentally I decided to write and just noticed that. To be honest, it becomes harder with each time to write in English. My vocabulary says goodbye again and disappears. The book I am reading (Tom Sawyer) can’t help, cause I else don’t know the words and just try to understand the context or I know them already. I mustn’t get used to the grammar, either. It just gives me the feeling that English grammar doesn’t matter very much. People will understand you anyway. At work I am joining an English class. That is quite nice to hear some people talking English, but I couldn’t imagine, when I was told it was level 5, the last level before “native speaker”. It is unbelievable, because it is not very hard, even for me…
My back really improves! It only still hurts, when I have to sit too long. So I try to move as much as possible. Two days a week Jenny and I go swimming in the morning. Unfortunately we are not the only ones who use the pool before working and so it is quite crowded at 7am in the baths. I we went later, it would be empty and much easier to swim backwards, what I have to do, but if we went later, Jenny would be too late at college and I would be so late at work. The weather was grand the last week. It started raining two days ago but that’s okay, the plants need some water after these dry and sunny days before. I made some vegetable patches in the garden. I hope that I can get my Salad directly from the garden and don’t need to go shopping for it anymore The spinach and the salad have grown about 5cm already.
At the moment we have Irish weather. Rain and sun are just alternating. I am hoping, that if it keeps on like this, it becomes as green here as in Ireland.
Okay. As my salad is not big enough yet I have to go shopping now.
How is it in Ireland, by the way? Tho, when are you leaving??? What about the others? When does the summer break start? You are all moving out, aren’t you? When? Sam, when are you going back? What about visiting me, Julie and Sam??? I think it won’t happen, right? Anybody reading from Tyndall? How are things there? How is everybody? I can’t keep contact to all at the moment, since my internet is so slow and I try not to spend too much time at the pc. Anyway, I try my best; it just might take some time. At the lab everything seems to be okay. At least that’s what I was told during the last chats.

Bien, je dois partir maintenant.
Regards to everybody!

17.5.08 13:22


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